When we asked who mothers you and who you would like to celebrate, 82 generous donors contributed over $15,000 to honor the women in their lives. For each honoree, we will plant a daffodil in September in a local park to bloom each spring.

For our 2017 daffodil display, we will be planting in Montour Falls, in Schuyler County. Montour is derived from Queen Catherine Montour, a prominent Native American woman of Seneca Indian heritage who lived at the village site in the 18th century. Her father was a Mohawk Chief and her mother the daughter of an Oneida Chief. We found its historical significance of particular interest as we look to expand our daffodil recognition to reach additional parks in our service area.

Below are the names of those honored this year:

Fund for Women Special Honor Gifts
Maureen E. Ackerman In memory of Agnes Mary Egan

Linda Anderson In honor of Catherine Seely

Ulrike (Hanna) Appelt In memory of Ingeborg Melchert

Gail O. Baity In memory of Ruth D. Owens

Charlie and Trudy Craig

Kim Frock In honor of Solveig Erway, Susan Morse, Julia Pringle-Wallace, Olivia Weeks

Vivian Gernand In memory of Violet Brosey

Nancy Golomb In honor of Adriane Divens-Dutcher

Kirk and Penny Gregg In honor of Joan Murphy

Catherine A. Liles In honor of Shirley Badia In honor of Della Faye Liles

Celebration and Sisterhood Gifts

John R. Alexander In memory of Mary Alexander

Donna Andrews In memory of Helen Andrews and In memory of Louise Sedlak

Nancy L. E. Andrews In memory of Janet Lee Andrews, in memory of Louise Barile Andrews, in honor of Marilyn P. Mekos, in honor of Jennifer Tarnoski, in honor of Nicole Lee West, in honor of Rachel C. Wood

Ulrike (Hanna) Appelt In honor of Mareike Allen, in honor of Anke Fuhrmann, in honor of Doro Fuhrmann, in honor of Jennifer Haack, in honor of Simone Haack

Gail Bellohusen

Suzanne Blowers In memory of Margaret Blades, n honor of Rouletta Blowers, in memory of Ruth Huer Blowers, in honor of Elizabeth Blowers-Nyman, in honor of Elaine B. Ciccotti

Tom and Lisa Capek

Dawn Marie Castellana In honor of Connie Castellana, in honor of Denece Gossie, in honor of Margaret Hadberg, in memory of Jean Marie Luciano

Karyn Cepek In honor of Eleanore Suranne

Eleanor Cicerchi In memory of Eleanor Cauffiel , in memory of Elizabeth Cauffiel Tomb

Carolyn Clack In memory of Ruth C. McMartin

Doreen Clappin In honor of Pam Carthew, in honor of Eileen Clappin, in honor of Judy Clappin, in honor of Sue Clappin, in honor of Viola Page

Mary Cleland In honor of Patty Anthony, in honor of Clara Cleland, in honor of Maddie Cleland, in memory of Rita Hoelle, in honor of Eileen Lowell

Margaret Coffey In memory of Isabel MacLean

Megan Collins In honor of Lisa Bognanno, in honor of Kelly Collins, in honor of Meaghan Collins, in honor of Jessen Donlon, in honor of Patricia Smith

Jane Coole In honor of Rachel Coole

Cheri Crozier In honor of Donna Anglehart, in memory of Zelda Anglehart, in honor of Anne Crozier, in honor of Helen Crozier, in honor of Paola Kauffman

Anna Jean DeDominicis In memory of Mary Rose Cherock, in memory of Catherine DeDominicis, in honor of Mrs. Patricia Ellison, in honor of Joanne McLaine, in memory of Polly Schimizzi

Marjorie DiMeo In honor of Jean A. DiMeo

Kate Douglas In honor of Pat Procak

Virginia Ehemann In honor of Mrs. Jane Conrad

Azita Eshraghi In memory of Pari Eshraghi, in memory of Sakineh Farah, in honor of Akram Ghaemi, in honor of Rozita Salehi Nezami, in honor of Fatemeh Shirazi

Lynette Eusden In honor of Mary Anne Smyers, in honor of Joanne Eusden

Coleen Fabrizi In honor of Janine Bond, in honor of Theresa Fabrizi, in honor of Ashley Favreau, in honor of Sarah Ruby, in honor of Jean Voorheis

Susan E. Fermer

Kathryn Gerwig In honor of Virginia (Jinny) Wright

Carey Gillis In memory of Kate Coller

Lisa and Keith Glovins In honor of Lorrie Glovins, in honor of Shirley Johnston

Kirk and Penny Gregg In honor of Heather Goode, in memory of Hope Gregg, in honor of Jill Lamb, in honor of Jennifer Murphy, in memory of Patricia Young

Ann and Vincent Hatton

Denise Hauselt

Sandra Rockwell Herron In honor of Lin Gardner, in honor of Jackie Pope, in memory of Hertha Rockwell, in memory of Marie Rockwell, in honor of Beth Shaut

Maisie Houghton In honor of Halina Jacobus, in honor of Carol Pease
Elise Johnson-Schmidt In honor of Mary Cleland, in honor of Penny Gregg, in honor of Mary W. Johnson, in honor of Jacqueline Pope, in honor of Sheilah Y. Prevost, in honor of Missy Rittenhouse, in honor of Dana Schmidt, in honor of Leah Schmidt, in honor of Chris Sharkey, in honor of Marianne Young

Pamela B. Lally

Pam Lewis In memory of Dolly Bollinger, in honor of Amy Huizenga, in honor of Emily Lewis, in honor of Vicki Sauers

Andrea H. Lynch In honor of Nancy Halliwell

Mary Major In honor of Paula Burke, in honor of Kim Marshall, in honor of Irene Roberts, in honor of Carole Trybus, in memory of Mary Trybus

Len and Karen Makowski In honor of Barbara Wasielewski

Rita McCarthy In memory of Mildred Garretson, in honor of Ann Jones, in honor of Marcia Yaroslow

Carol McGill In honor of Betty McGill Shaw

Marilyn Mekos In honor of Nancy Andrews

Kaye C. Newbury In memory of Sarah Bitto Borrelli, in honor of Leslie Danks Burke, in memory of Priscilla Persing Newbury, in memory of Faith N. Ranck, in memory of Ellen Tifft

Krista Niles-Updyke In honor of Judy Caruso, in honor of Amber Niles, in honor of Barb Niles, in honor of Chris Updyke, in honor of Leslie Updyke

Beth O’Connor In honor of Mary Nevin, in honor of Cathy O’Connor, in honor of Joan Savage O’Connor, in honor of Barbara Scott, in honor of Cheryl Sherman

Susie Palombo In memory of Mary Force

Annette Peck

Susan Lodge Peck

Trudy Potter In memory of Dorothy W. Berg, in memory of Gretchen K. Farnham, in memory of Claire V. Potter, in honor of Elizabeth C. Potter, in honor of Miranda L. Potter

Missy Rittenhouse In honor of Jane Casanta, in honor of Eleanor Sementilli, in memory of Anne Marie Toole

Betty Robinson In honor of Jennifer R. Haack, in honor of Katherine Johns, in memory of Ruth E. Johns, in memory of Mary Nesbitt, in honor of Susan R. Stewart

Monica Rodrigues-Brown

Kay Rogus In honor of Frances Nash, in honor of Pat Rogus

Kathryn Schrock

Susan Schuppert In memory of Dorothy Baumgartner, in memory of Alice Kester

Chris Sharkey In memory of Shirley Hodge Gould

Barbara Sirianni In memory of Barbara Baker, in memory of Mary Sirianni

Kathleen Storch

Kristin A. Swain In honor of Elizabeth A. Swain, in honor of Sarah L. Swain

Davida Telehany In memory of Anna DeBlasio, in honor of Carmella DeBlasio, in memory of Ann Marie Rossi, in memory of Mary Sorge, in memory of Anna Telehany

Cynthia Terry In honor of Barbara Deane, in memory of Wilma Dondero, in honor Patricia Kehe, in honor of Kathleen LaMoreaux, in memory of Ruth Warner

Tom Tranter In honor of Kelly Tranter Meade, in honor of Lauren Tranter Semrau, in honor of Aubrey Tranter, in honor of Beth Tranter, in memory of Mary Ellen Tranter, in honor of Sara Tranter

Whitney Trifoso In honor of Stacey Reed Gudonis, in honor of Joyce Medovich, in honor of Paula Nancarrow, in honor of Dorisanne Reed, in honor of Judy Reed

Christine Updyke In memory of Madeline Clum, in honor of Michelle Herbst, in honor of Carolin Serino

Arie Van den Blink

Leslie Varga In honor of Sharon Little