2018 Nonprofit Grants Awarded

18 grants totaling $24,678


Painted Post – Steuben $2,000

Not By Bread Alone
Six years ago we realized women visiting our Pantry had needs beyond food alone. The Fund For Women came to our rescue and with that grant we began a small Women’s Shelf which has since become a legend. We provide basic personal care items that are difficult for our visitors to obtain as they cannot be purchased with Food Stamps or by women of limited means who are food insecure. These small items improve the health and personal well-being of our visitors to the Pantry.

Regional Science & Discovery Center – Steuben*   $1,500

Girls Can Do Chemistry
Girls Can Do Chemistry is a new program developed by Science & Discovery Center (SDC) professional science educators, Christine Stull and Suzanne Butcher, with the support of Corning-Painted Post School District Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education, Michelle Caulfield. Exposure to the fundamentals of chemistry at the middle school level would provide the boost to girls’ confidence that they need to persevere and be successful in high school chemistry. This in turn could open doors to career opportunities in many fields and may serve long-term as one avenue to help address the gender gap in STEM fields.

Bath Central School District – Steuben $1,500

Lice Free at Bath Central School District
Females are disproportionately affected by head lice than their male counterparts. This is due to the fact that most females have longer hair than males that attracts head lice and provides a natural environment to perpetuate the life cycle of the louse. All too often females are required to go home from school in order to have their head treated with harsh chemicals, missing valuable instruction and possibly related services. Female students with chronic head lice fall academically behind their male counterparts. Treating head lice is not just a nuisance; it is an expense and investment. Families in poverty or the working poor most often do not have the means to complete a thorough job. The Bath Central School District proposes to even the playing field when it comes to females fighting the head lice battle by using grant money to effectively treat students’ hair at school in a confidential and efficient manner with a new product, Licefree. In addition, grant money is requested to have supplies on hand for those families who cannot afford to effectively purchase household cleaning supplies specific to head lice.

Friends of the Addison Youth Center – Steuben   $750

Beauty Inside and Out
The Addison Youth Center (AYC) would like to give the almost 75 girls we serve daily a “beauty bag” full of girl hygiene products. The bags would help improve confidence and be connected with lessons to take of themselves and how to create healthy habits

Safe Harbors of the Finger Lakes – Yates   $2000

To provide prevention training regarding human trafficking and sexual exploitation to the community, professionals and youth. Human trafficking is the recruitment, harboring, transportation, or obtaining of a person for labor or services through the use of force, fraud, or coercion. Human trafficking and sexual exploitation of youth, although hard to imagine, is not new and is happening, even in our rural areas.

The Arc of Chemung – Chemung   $500

Looking After Me
“Looking After Me” will be a facilitator-led class that will provide young women with intellectual and
developmental disabilities the opportunity to learn more about self-care, setting appropriate boundaries, empowerment, social media safety, and more.

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Steuben – Steuben  $1,000

Southern Tier Financial Conference for Women
The vision behind this conference is to gather a diverse group of women, to not just learn, but to share their financial and life experiences. This one-day conference was established because there is a need to empower and educate women in our area about financial matters. At this one-day event, professional women serve as speakers to address a broad array of financial issues such as budgeting, credit, investing, insurance, retirement, social security, identity theft and health.

Corning Community Food Pantry – Steuben   $2,000

Essential Need Bags for Girls and Women
The Corning Community Food Pantry would like to continue our 2017 project to provide much needed hygiene products to girls and women who come in to our pantry on a routine basis with items such as: shampoo, body soap, pads, toothbrush, tooth paste, deodorant, nutritional snack and instructions regarding nutrition and hygiene.

Tanglewood Nature Center – Chemung   $1,300

Meg Lowman Treetops Camp
The Meg Lowman Treetops Camp has been held at Tanglewood for 11 years. It is named after Elmira native and world-renowned forest canopy researcher Meg Lowman. Our target audience is primarily at-risk girls aged 9-12 who have shown their teachers or other adult mentors that they have an interest in science. This year the camp will be held for a week in July. We provide tuition, food, supplies, and transportation (if needed) for the week. Each day there is a female educator on the docket to teach the science topic of the day and we wrap up the week with real tree climbing with Cornell Outdoor Education and all day interaction with Meg Lowman!

Community Career Development Council – Ch/Sch/St/Yates  $1,500

Life: Powered by YOU
Life: Powered by YOU! provides empowerment workshops for at-risk middle school girls (priority this year – grade 8). Each educational workshop is designed to build confidence, character, and communication skills as girls interact with each other and professional women. Girls are selected/invited by school educators and counselors to attend this full day conference, held at Corning Community College. Keynote speakers emphasize being your own advocate while seeking positive role models. Engaging breakout sessions, led by top-notch professionals, fill the day providing practical tools in effective communication, wellness, financial responsibility, wise decision-making, and social media presence awareness. Lunch interactions reinforce these themes. The Career Development Council team and school counselors provide follow-up in districts after the event. The program is offered to all school districts that participate in Career Development Council services across Steuben, Schuyler and Chemung Counties. We will serve 19 school districts in 2018-2019.

ProAction – Steuben/Yates $2,000

CHAMP: Women’s Health The CHAMP Program was established as a way for Pro Action of Steuben and Yates, Inc. to help all people including those whose incomes do not fall within the normal guidelines for services. CHAMP stands for Caring Hearts And Minds of Pro Action, and allows for a more flexible approach to unique situations. The CHAMP Program isn’t traditionally funded, but is solely based on donations and fundraising. The purpose of this program is to provide small, personal assistance grants to people who are looking for help but are not eligible to receive it through existing programs. Examples of CHAMP assistance include emergency medical and prescription assistance, rent, utility and insurance payments, assistance with clothing, food, school supplies and other basic needs. For the purpose of this grant, funds would be utilized to provide assistance to female clients, domestic violence victims, impoverished families, girls and teens, with feminine hygiene product supports.

Corning Community College – Ch/Sch/St   $2,000

Full STEAHM Ahead
The Full STEAHM Ahead Summer Workshop is a weeklong program for middle school girls that focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Health, and Math education. Approximately 30 middle school girls from the tri-county area served by Corning Community College will be selected based on essay applications to participate in this low cost workshop. The primary goal of the program is to increase the number of women in STEM majors and ultimately STEM careers. Our secondary goal is to encourage students to envision college for themselves and thereby increase the rates of college attendance and graduation in our area. A successful program will see positive changes in the outcomes of knowledge, awareness, and attitudes related to STEAHM education, careers, role models, and college attendance. The Full STEAHM Ahead Summer Workshop embodies the Fund for Women’s mission and vision to empower women and girls, helping them to achieve self-sufficiency and meet their goals.

Southside Community Center – Chemung   $800

Period Project
The Period Project at the Southside Community Center will provide education to help the young women at the Center understand their menstrual cycles as well as providing them with menstruation and hygiene supplies, which many of them cannot reliably obtain. Our staff will partner with Center families, community organizations, and national organizations such as PERIOD. for this program.

The Living Well – Yates   $1,500

Cancer Care for Women
This funding will help supplement cancer care costs for women. This will include transportation (gas cards) and help with doctor and medication co-pays. As the people we serve are requiring more specialized treatment, they also have to go to larger hospitals with Cancer Care Treatment Centers. Although many can find radiation and cancer treatment services within 30 miles anyone needing surgery or more complicated treatment must go to a larger center. The costs of these trips soon become overwhelming.

Catholic Charities of Chemung/Schuyler – Chemung  $2,000

Relief for Single Homeless Moms
Catholic Charities in Chemung County helps homeless individuals and families secure immediate shelter and support. All clients participate in an in-take process and meet with a case manager to assess needs, goals and housing options. Case managers assist clients in finding affordable housing in the community or, if eligible, in one of Catholic Charities’ supported housing programs. Homeless women with children carry a tremendous burden providing not just for themselves, but for their children as well. This funding will “ease the way” for 10-20 mothers setting up a new apartment. Funding will support essential items/supplies not available through Catholic Charities or other human service providers. The project manager and case managers will determine situations where use of these funds for single homeless moms will be most significant. Examples of needs might include diapers, a mattress, or a child’s coat. A maximum of $200 will be used to support any one family.

ArnotHealth – Chemung   $2,834

Recliners for Kangaroo Care in the NICU
ArnotHealth is applying for funding to purchase two Recliners to be used to in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for the use of Kangaroo Care. Kangaroo Care is a method of Neonatal therapy, which promotes skin-to-skin, chest-to-chest contact between infant and mother. This therapy has been proven to increase developmental outcomes, having both short- and long-term beneficial effects from 10 to 16 years of age. This care is also beneficial to the mother, as it allows mom to have physical contact with her baby and increase the healing process of her child. If funded, we would be able to purchase two new recliners, and offer more opportunities for this important therapy to mothers and preterm infants in the NICU. Studies have shown that the Incubator is not a healthy environment for the baby, and that physical touch and the sound of their mother’s heart beat is the best therapy for the baby. With only one Recliner currently available in the NICU, the number of preterm babies increasing, and being the only NICU in a nine county service area, we are not currently able to offer this therapy to every mother at the rate that it
is recommended. By increasing the number of Recliners we have, we can increase the opportunity to offer this therapy to all presenting mothers and babies at the recommended rate. ArnotHealth is committed to providing the highest quality care to our patients, and we believe this will improve health outcomes for mothers and babies presented to the NICU.

Teen MOPS – Chemung   $500

Teen Mom’s Life Skills Project
Our program is currently set up to encourage and equip teenage moms of young children to realize their potential as mothers, women and leaders. The 19 moms and 32 children represented in our program have lived lives absent of daily routines. They are now faced with a responsibility to bring order to the chaos and are eager to learn how to have control of their children and their time. Our project will enable them to utilize structure and a timetable to complete household tasks that may be totally foreign to them. The Life Skill project will introduce them to time management in relation to keeping an orderly home, planning meals and providing one on one time with their children by reading to them.

Catholic Charities of Chemung/Schuyler – Schuyler  $1,000

Emergency Support for Under-Served Victims of Domestic Violence
Financial independence is an ongoing struggle for victims within their complex situations. Women frequently encounter economic barriers due to gaps in established County sponsored programs and their specific eligibility requirements. To help minimize such disparities, funding will be used to assist with emergency needs such as housing, security deposits, heating and utility costs, as well as personal care items or household needs for those who have fled a domestic violence situation.

Sexual Assault Resource Center   $1,000

Counseling and Prevention Education
SARC works to improve the response to sexual violence by providing education, raising awareness, and engaging dedicated community volunteers. They provide support and assistance to all survivors (and secondary survivors) regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

*Regional Science and Discovery Center Selected as the recipient of the 2018 Rachel C. Wood Distinguished Leadership Award.

2018 Individual Grants Awarded

14 Individual Grants totaling $7,000

Jessica Aiduk, Steuben
Ashley Sullivan, Chemung
Jessica Chapman, Yates
Riley Gonta, Steuben
Katherine Mertus, Steuben
Clara Miller, Steuben
Kayla McCaig, Steuben
Olivia Thresher, Chemung
Noel Wheaton, Schuyler
Cheyenne Barrett, Schuyler
Kate Warren, Steuben
Mara Bennett, Steuben
Keria McCoy-Smith, Chemung
Chameil Haney, Yates