Our local healthcare leaders are doing everything they can to stay ahead of potential challenges in serving patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. Based on the experience of other communities and knowledge of back-orders from medical supply companies, our contacts at Guthrie Health have said they would accept home made fabric face masks for health workers and patients to use in the event of a shortage. Below is a link to information about how to sew a CDC-compliant mask with instructions and a video.


Note: Guthrie does not now have a shortage of masks; this is simply a preparedness measure that involves volunteers looking for a way to support our healthcare systems during this ever-changing crisis.

If you choose to make some masks, please put them in a gallon-size ziplock bag, write the number of masks on the outside of the bag, and deliver them to:

Margie Lawlor at 106 E. 5th St., Corning
(yellow house on the Southeast corner of 5th & Wall).

Margie will leave a tote on the back deck where you can leave the bag of masks. The back deck is off of the Wall St. side of the house. You will see a lacrosse goal in the yard. Look down and to the left of that for the deck and tote.

Masks can certainly be shared to other healthcare organizations, particularly if we wind up with a large quantity. FFW leaders will look into contacts at Arnot along with nursing homes, cancer centers and other health facilities. We will organize delivery methods to other organizations as needs arise. For now, go ahead and follow the instructions above for delivering masks to Guthrie through Margie. #inthistogether